• Crux Keywords

    Crux Keywords

    Extract the most important information in seconds. Identify keywords and key phrases
  • Crux Summarization

    Crux Summarization

    Summarize your long texts, papers, researches, weblinks, etc. Save time and be more productive
  • Twitter Data

    Twitter Data

    Generate structured data set from unstructured web data and use it for Machine Learning/Analysis

    Applications & Use Cases

    Understand the customers with Artificial Intelligence

    • Track brand mentions and shift in sentiment
    • Understand customer’s sentiments for your products/services with Machine Learning
    • Apply text analysis to both incoming feedback and all of your historical data FROM COMMENTS, tweets, posts and from any other sources
    • Extract Products, Person, Locations, Important information and the other entities from the Customer feedback

    Publishing solutions

    • Fight information overload with the summarization technology
    • Build intelligent news app and solution
    • Help your research team find most useful information on any topic
    • Extract digital data containing the most important information from the web

    Market Analysis

    • Track Organization mentions
    • Monitor industry and market performance
    • More insight for your product
    • Monitor and measure social media reaction

    Data for Machine Learning

    • Convert chaotic social data to analysis ready, clean data set
    • Convert unstructured digital data to structured data set for training ML models

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